Monthly Membership

It's time to take back your life! Let CPIS assist you in getting things right back in order. Let us know your goals and we will help you get there.​

Our confidential service gives you the discreetness you need, and what makes us stand out is our one on one personal touch to ensure a smooth process on every service before we close out your case. 


We are truly looking forward to working with you soon.

One - on - One

Couples / Family


When dealing with personal, family or life challenges, you don’t have to face them alone. Our team is dedicated to helping individuals, couples and families experience personal freedom, emotional wellness, and healthy relationships.

Services Include:

  • 4/Hrs of Coaching a month

  • Weekly accountability and wellness checks, by text, email, or phone call. 

  • Monthly progress reports

  • Yearly summary reviews


Family & Civil Law

Legal Document


Sometimes life can just become overwhelming and you need a little extra support. CPIS is here to help you with all your Legal and document needs when you need someone the most. 

Services Include:

  • 1 Notary a month

  • 1 Loan Signing Agent – a year 

  • Property Management - 1 property 

  • 1 Contracts / Notices / Letters a month

  • 1 Legal Services of $500 or more – a year 

Services include but not limited to:

Will, Living Will & Power of Attorney, Durable Power of Attorney, Uncontested Divorce or Separation, Uncontested Name Change, IRS Letters, Collections, Credit Repair, and much more.

  • Friends & Family Discount - 15% 


Please note the following:


We are a legal document preparation company, we are NOT attorneys and we do not give out legal advice, we only prepare the documents you want to be completed.

* Services does NOT include process server fees, courier fees, or court filing fees.

* No Refunds/No Exceptions

* Memberships include a Non-Refundable Retainer, and after 3 months you can terminate at any time with a written termination notice sent via email.

* Appointments are Required

* All services are (15 miles max and $1 per mile, and the payment is due prior to driving to you)

* Services do not roll over -> Use it or lose it

* Services deactivate immediately once membership is terminated or monthly payment is not received

Termination Policy: You can terminate your membership at any time after three months with a written termination notice, but term notice has to be submitted 2 weeks before the 1st of the following month or you will get charged for the next month (no exceptions).

How does our service work? Once you book your appointment we will have one of our representatives reach out to you within 24/hrs with you.


What if I have legal questions? Unfortunately, we are only a Legal Document service, and we can only assist you with the paperwork you would like drafted/notarized. If you need legal counsel you will have to seek an attorney.

How to cancel my service? To cancel your service, you will have to submit something "in writing" to us via email. However, we will not refund, no exceptions even for accidental purchases.

What if I want to put my purchased service on hold? Please email us if you need to put your service on hold.

Please note the following:

• We will only hold it for (3) months then your purchased service will expire with no refund, no exceptions.

• If you want to reinstate your service a New Retainer Fee will be required.

• Please reach out to us via email 2 weeks before the 1st of the following month to avoid being billed, anything after will cause your account to be billed no exceptions/no refunds.

Please ensure you ask all questions before you purchase our service.

"Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it"   Proverbs 4:23

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