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We are deeply committed to changing lives by empowering and nurturing growth through physical, spiritual, emotional, educational resources to achieve wellness.

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Naomi Singleton
Board of Directors
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Precious Kilburg
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Domestic Violence & Anti-Bullying
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Meet Naomi

Director of Central Point Integrated Services

My Story

Naomi was a victim of abuse & sexual assault throughout her childhood and lived on the streets with her mother in Long Beach and Whitter, CA which lead her in and out of Foster Care and Group Homes throughout all of LA County. 


David & Margaret Youth and Family Services were one of the group homes Naomi entered into, which impacted her life today. She later met her husband in high school, which was also in foster care as his parents abandoned him and his siblings in a hotel in Norwalk, CA, at age 6 for two weeks before anyone noticed. Naomi and her husband have three amazing children who are all in College. 

Naomi knew she wanted to help others, but never quite knew how. In 2010 Naomi established a Christian blog (Journey Of Pure Bliss) with an online book 14 Encounters with God from the Student's Life Application Study Bible - NLT with her mission to share the word of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, which later developed into a Ministry (Journey Of Pure Bliss Ministries).


She noticed so many people in need of services that she opened up (Mobile Legal Inc.) an organization designed to assist people and provide resources. She offered FREE services to churches, shelters for victims like her that needed help but could not afford it. 


To date, the company has expanded into many avenues of industries, and effective 2020 her organization has completely rebranded to ensure our clients help wherever needed. 


Central Point Integrated Services is a well-established firm that provides help to families and businesses with legal assistance, document preparation, personal development workshops, ministry, and resource services. What makes Central Point unique? They are grounded in many avenues of industries to ensure maximum help where needed. 

Naomi and her team go out to Group homes and Foster homes and provides FREE workshops for Sexual Assult Victims who have PTSD, Anxiety, Loss, and much more...

Naomi provides hundreds of resources to her community from Shelter/Renters/Resume assistance, as well as Substance Abuse/Stress Management/Freedom from depression/Self Defence workshops, and much more...

Naomi also gives back to her community with her Volunteer program:


(FOCUS) Homeless Encampments: Central Point Volunteers meet up 1 weekend a month. Friday evening they prep the meals and Saturday morning they service is to the homeless encampments.  

Adopt a Grandparent: Central Point Volunteers meet up every Friday evening and prep meals and each volunteer is designated a grandparent to pick up old containers and drop of new ones. 

Naomi jokes how they make it as fun as possible for their Volunteers, they listen to music and learn new recipes and eat their creations. 

Naomi is also a Volunteer for the Riverside Rape Crisis Center and TIP Organisation which is a Trauma Intervention Program of Southwest Riverside County.

When asked if she is talking on too much Naomi's response is she is only getting started. 


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Central Point is looking for Volunteers

 Join our mission is serving others and let us know how we can help you and our community!


Naomi's Faith & Family truly means the most to her. Despite everything, she went through as a child she would not change it for the world. Her past has made her a strong & caring mother put on this earth to help others. 

About Central Point

We are passionate about serving others while nurturing lives through spiritual, emotional, educational resources to help others achieve awareness. 

Join our mission is serving others and let us know how we can help you and your community!

"Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it"   Proverbs 4:23

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Precious Kilburg

Group Volunteer Leader YOGA Instructor/Fitness Trainer